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The Pugnochiuso Resort

A unique resort, immersed in the beauty of the Gargano promontory and facing out over the crystal-clear water of the sea.

An exclusive, one-of-a-kind location.



The resort is on the Apulia promontory of the Gargano, within the National Park by the same name, at the edge of the Umbra Forest, 20 kilometres from Vieste and approximately 30 kilometres from Mattinata. It extends over an area of approximately 150 hectares in a beautiful position reaching down towards the sea, with two adjacent bays of crystal-clear sea: the bay of Pugnochiuso, from which the resort takes its name and the bay of Portopiatto.

The Resort, which was purchased by the Marcegaglia Group in 2001, has continued to renew its accommodation structures and services over the years, becoming part of the Group's tourism and property pole operating under the "MARCEGAGLIA tourism" trademark.

Today, thanks to a diversified tourist offer able to provide the perfect solution to all expectations, Pugnochiuso is the perfect holiday resort for families and couples alike.

An exclusive place that combines with uncontaminated nature to make it truly one-of-a-kind.



Entrance to the resort is limited by a barrier, beyond which only those with the right to enter, such as a hotel booking, can do so. The resort porters are set up near the barrier.

The territory that extends for around 150 hectares includes approximately 20 kilometres of roads that unwind to connect the various structures. The shuttle bus enables easy moving throughout the resort structures, ensuring cars are left in the private car park near the porters.

The different residential solutions inside the resort live happily side-by-side with the resort life organised in the summer season for MARCEGAGLIA tourism guests.



The Pugnochiuso Resort consists of structures, villas, residence and services that are private property and managed by different condominium associations and structures and services owned by the Marcegaglia Group, such as: the Hotel Del Faro****, Hotel degli Ulivi***, the Macine Villas, the Belvedere Residence, the Congress Centre, the "La Piramide" Shopping Centre, managed and marketed under the "MARCEGAGLIA tourism" trademark.

Where we are

How to find us

On the coast between Vieste and Mattinata; at a distance of 20km from Vieste, 28km from Mattinata, 80km from Foggia, 168km from Bari, 278km from Naples and 263km from Pescara.


Exit the motorway -(A14) - at Foggia, follow directions for Manfredonia, Mattinata; and then follow indications PUGNOCHIUSO - VIESTE (recommended route).


On the eastern side, the climate is typically Mediterranean with mild winters and hot summers, whilst on the high planes, cold, wet winters are followed by fairly mild summers.

  • Dec 16th

    13° / 11°
  • Dec 17th

    10° /
  • Dec 18th

    10° /
  • Dec 19th

    12° / 10°
  • Dec 20th

    12° / 12°
  • Dec 21st

    13° / 12°



For any information about our facilities, tariffs or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will reply as soon as possible to give you the assistance you need.

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